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Dmitry Maleshin (St.Petersburg, Russia)

Russian scholar and author in the field of civil procedural law, legal culture, comparative law and legal education. He has authored more than 100 peer reviewed articles as well as contributing to a number of text books and other works.

Currently he is a Professor of Civil Procedural Law at Moscow State Lomonosov University and National Research University Higher School of Economics. He studied law at MSU where he received his PhD (“Candidate of Law” degree) in 2002 and DSc (“Doctor of law” degree) in 2011 by defending his thesis, “The System of the Russian Civil Justice”. He has been a Visiting Scholar at Yale Law School (2004) and Harvard Law School (2008).

Prof. Maleshin is a member of numerous Russian and international associations in the field of civil procedure and legal education, including International Association of Procedural LawInternational Association of Judicial Independence and World Peace,  etc. He engages in legislative activities in Russia and different international scholar projects. International academic activity also includes lecturing abroad (e.g., Pavia University, Italy, 2015; Bordeaux University, France, 2016) and administrating the conferences (e.g., Moscow Congress of the IAPL, 2012).

He also acts as a consultant and legal expert in the Russian and foreign civil procedure and ADR.

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Executive Editor


Nataliya Bocharova, Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia) 


Associate Professor of Moscow State Lomonosov University. Graduated from Moscow State University. 2002–2006 – taking post-graduate course in MSU. Member of International Association of Procedural Law.





Sergey Belov, St. Petersburg State University (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Candidate of law (St. Petersburg State University, 2003), associate Professor (Lecturer) of Constitutional and Administrative Law. Makes teaching, researching and expert work in the fields of constitutional review, human rights law, parliamentary and election law, theory of administrative law, administrative procedures, and administrative control on economical activity. Presented lectures as guest professor at Stockholm and Uppsala Universities (Sweden), University of Athens (Greece), University of Incheon (Republic of Korea). Member of the International Association of Constitutional Law (IACL/AIDC), member of advisory expert group on constitutional legislation to the Council of Federation of the Russian Federal Assembly, expert council to St. Petersburg Election Commission. Dr. Belov is author of more than 30 academic publications in Russian and English.

Gennady Esakov, National Research University Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia)

Doctor of Law (2008), Professor (2012), Head of Department of Criminal Law and Criminalistics in National Research University Higher School of Economics (since September, 2012; 2002–2012 – department of criminal law of O.E. Kutafin Moscow State Law University).

Graduated from Moscow State Law Academy (today O.E. Kutafin Moscow State Law University) in 2000.

The sphere of scientific interest includes problems of history and theory of criminal law, foreign and comparative law, international criminal law, economic crimes, corporate criminal liability.

Academic activity also includes:

2008 – visiting scholar in School of Law, City University of Hong Kong

2010 – visiting scholar in School of Law, University of Lancaster (UK)

2006–2016 – participation in international conferences on criminal law and criminology (Russia, China, Japan, Thailand, Germany, Finland)

2012–2016 – national administrator of the International Criminal Court Moot Court Competition (Russian version)

A full list of publications includes more than 190 articles, books, textbooks and commentaries on criminal code. (in Russian, English, German, French, Chinese, Spanish, etc.).

Nikita L. Lyutov Moscow State Law Kutafin University (Moscow, Russia)

Heads the Department of Labor and Social Law at the Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL) and is Professor of Labor Law at the National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE) in Moscow.  He studied law at MSAL where he received his PhD in 2001 and advanced to a DSc degree in 2013 by defending his thesis, “The Effectiveness of International Labor Law Norms”.

He has authored more than 150 monographs, articles and conference presentations.  Among his published works are the monograph Effectivnost’ norm mezhdunarodnogo trudovogo prava (the Effectiveness of the International Labour Law Norms) and the manual on international labor law Mezhdunarodnoe trudovoe pravo: uchebnik co-authored with Prof. K. N. Gusov).  Selected publications in English include:  Workers’ Representation in Central and Eastern Europe. Challenges and Opportunities for the Works Councils’ System (edited with R. Blanpain, Wolters Kluwer, 2014); “Russian Employment Protection and Employment Policy:  Analysis from the Perspective of the EU Flexicurity Policy” (2012); and “Freedom of Association:  the Case of Russia” (2011).

Prof. Lyutov engages in editorial, academic, and legislative activities in Russia and abroad.  He is Deputy Chairman of the Lawyers for Labor Rights Association in Russia and is on the editorial boards of law journals in Belarus, Italy, and Russia.  He was a visiting lecturer at Amsterdam University (UvA), Vilnius University in Lithuania and at the ADAPT Association for International and Comparative Studies in Labor and Industrial Relations in Modena, Italy, as well as at other universities outside the Russian Federation.  He is a frequent contributor to deliberations on Russian labor issues with the State Duma of the Russian Federation and with non-commercial organizations, and in this capacity he has co-authored draft labor legislation for the RF. .



Sergey Tretyakov, Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia)

Associate Professor of civil and private international law at Moscow  State Lomonosov University. Professor of private international law at Russian School of Private Law. Senior Researcher at Institute of Legal studies of Higher School of Economics. Member of Editorial Board of Civil Law Review. Member of editorial Board of International Commercial Arbitration Review. Major research interests: history of legal discourse, legal methodology, law and economics, sociology of law, theory of private and private international law, global governance, international commercial arbitration.


Alexander Vereshchagin (Independent) (Moscow, Russia)


Dr. Vereshchagin is both an academic and a practicing lawyer. He has expertise in various fields, such as legal and political history, jurisprudence and commercial law.

In 1997, he was awarded the Candidate of Sciences degree for his thesis on the theories of local self-government in Russian legal thought by Moscow State University, of which he is also a graduate. In 2004, he received a Ph.D. in Law from the University of Essex for his research on the development of judge-made law in the Russian legal system, thus having become the first Russian lawyer who was awarded a doctoral degree by research in Britain. Besides, he holds LL.M. degree in EU business law from Pallas, a consortium of nine European Universities.

Dr. Vereshchagin is the author of 3 monographs and numerous articles on socio-legal topics, and the editor of 4 books. His publications relate to constitutional law, court system and case law, judicial review, tax law, labour law, comparative law and jurisprudence, history of legal and political ideas, local self-government. His major work “Judicial Law-Making in Post-Soviet Russia” has been published in England, Canada and USA by Routledge-Cavendish in 2007.