Vol 3, No 2 (2015)


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Chief Editor’s Note on the Russian Legal Academia and Periodicals PDF (Eng)
Dmitry Maleshin 5-9


On the Rule of Law in the Context of Russian Foreign Policy PDF (Eng)
Elena Lukyanova 10-36
‘Homosexual Propaganda’ Laws in the Russian Federation: Are They in Violation of the European Convention on Human Rights? PDF (Eng)
Paul Johnson 37-61
Achieving a Competition Compliance Culture in Russia: Assessing the UK Experience in Compliance Programmes to Deter Cartels PDF (Eng)
Anzhela Korzhevskaya 62-96
European Experience and National Traditions in Russian Family Law PDF (Eng)
Nadezhda Tarusina 97-108


Judicial Reforms in Russia: 1864 to 2014 PDF (Eng)
Irina Reshetnikova 109-118
The Role of Offshore Jurisdictions in Russia PDF (Eng)
Kristian Wilson 119-136

Book Review Notes

Is There a Future for the Furt her Devel opment of International Commercial Arbitration in Russia? PDF (Eng)
Natalia Kuznetsova 137-141

Conferences Review Notes

The First Siberian Legal Forum ‘Specialization of Courts and Judges’ PDF (Eng)
Yury Kondrashov, Dmitry Maleshin, Nadezhda Sukhova, Stefaan Voet, Valery Falkov 142-148

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ISSN 2312-3605 (Online)