Vol 3, No 1 (2015)


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Chief Editor’s Note

On 2014 Russian Legal Events PDF (Eng)
Dmitry Maleshin 5


Russia’s Normative Influence over Post-Soviet States: The Examples of Belarus and Ukraine PDF (Eng)
Hugo Flavier 6-32
Eastern and Southern Ukraine’s Right to Secede and Join the Russian Federation PDF (Eng)
John J.A. Burke, Svetlana Panina-Burke 33-57
Building Human Rights, Peace and Development within the United Nations PDF (Eng)
Christian Guillermet Fernández, David Fernández Puyana 58-91
Environmental Protection of the Arctic Region: Effective Mechanisms of Legal Regulation PDF (Eng) PDF (Eng)
Elena Gladun 92-109


Searching for Truth in Civil Process: The Netherlands and Russia PDF (Eng)
Ruth A. van der Pol, Anton Petrov 110-132
Republic of Crimea: a Two-Day State PDF (Eng)
Anatoly Pronin 133-142
International Criminal Responsibility After Katanga: Old Challenges, New Solutions PDF (Eng)
Olena Kucher, Aleksey Petrenko 143-168

Book Review Notes

Russian Contract Law for Foreigners PDF (Eng)
Andrey Shirvindt 169-180

Conferences Review Notes

Economic Sanctions Overview PDF (Eng)
Marian Dent, Oksana Yazykova, Gandolfo Iacono 181-183

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