Vol 2, No 2 (2014)


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Selection of Jurors and Lay Assessors in Comparative Perspective: Eurasian Context PDF (Eng)
Nikolai Kovalev 9-62
Justice Dispensation through the Alternative Dispute Resolution System in India PDF (Eng)
Krishna Agrawal 63-74
Freedoms Collide: Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Religion in Russia in Comparative Perspective PDF (Eng)
Dmitry Kuznetsov 75-100


Are Non-trade Values Adequately Protected under GATT Art. XX? PDF (Eng)
Natalya Mosunova 101-113
Businessmen v. Investigators: who is responsible for the Poor Russian Investment Climate? PDF (Eng)
Dmitry Gololobov 114-144
Mediation and Legal Assistance PDF (Eng)
Larisa Zaitseva, Svetlana Racheva 145-156

Book Review Notes

Civil Litigation in China and Europe PDF (Eng)
Marko Bratković 157-167

Conferences Review Notes

The Resolution of Disputes at the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA): Practical Aspects (Moscow, March 21, 2014) PDF (Eng)
Nadia Hubbuck, Jane Fedotova, Konstantin Astafiev, Irina Suspitcyna 168-175

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