Vol 4, No 4 (2016)


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Chief Editor’s Note

Chief Editor’s Note on the Review Proceedings in Russian Civil Procedure PDF (Eng)
Dmitry Maleshin 4-6


Public Participation and the Rights of the Child: Reflection on International Law Standards in the Legal System of the Russian Federation PDF (Eng)
Mariya Riekkinen 7-26
Jurisdictional Countermeasures Versus Extraterritoriality in International Law PDF (Eng)
Seyed Yaser Ziaee 27-45
Do Legal Rights Correlate to Development? PDF (Eng)
Kyrylo Molodyko 46-61
The Right to Self-Defence in International Law as a Justification for Crossing Borders: The Turkey-PKK Case within the Borders of Iraq PDF (Eng)
Rebaz Khdir 62-80


Business Transaction Invalidity in the Context of the Principle of Legality PDF (Eng)
Konstantin Totyev 81-94
The Eurasian Model of International Labour Legislation in the Context of Globalization PDF (Eng)
Andrey Lushnikov, Marina Lushnikova 95-111

Conferences Review Notes

Russian Law and Globalization PDF (Eng)
David Fishman 112-119

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ISSN 2312-3605 (Online)