Vol 4, No 2 (2016)


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Chief Editor’s Note on The Russian Jury Trial PDF (Eng)
Dmitry Maleshin 4-5


Which Way is The Russian Double-headed Eagle Looking? PDF (Eng)
Vladimir Przhilenskiy, Maria Zakharova 6-25
Criteria for Copyrightability in Russian Copyright Doctrine and Judicial Practice PDF (Eng)
Andrey Kashanin 26-61
A Critical Analysis of the Recent Russian Regulation on Credit Rating Agencies PDF (Eng)
Lorenzo Sasso 62-82
Arctic Legal System: a New Sustainable Development Model PDF (Eng)
Kumar Sahu Manjeet 83-95


Mediationo of Labour Disputes in Kazakhstan in Comparative Context PDF (Eng)
Guzal Galiakbarova, Sholpan Saimova 96-111

Book Review Notes

Rule of Force v. Rule of Law PDF (Eng)
Denis Patrin 112-115

ISSN 2309-8678 (Print)
ISSN 2312-3605 (Online)