Vol 3, No 4 (2015)


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Table of Contents

Chief Editor’s Note

Chief Editor’s Note on the New Russian Code of Administrative Procedure PDF (Eng)
Dmitry Maleshin 5-6


The Prospect of Enforcement of Hague Arbitration Awards against State-Controlled Companies in the United States and the United Kingdom PDF (Eng)
Dmitry Gololobov 7-31
An Examination of Criminalization of Russia’s Anti-Bid Rigging Policy PDF (Eng)
Natalya Mosunova 32-74
Discrepancies Arising out of the Russian-German Consular Convention of 1958 PDF (Eng)
Aleksandar Jakšić 75-101
Controversy over Issue Preclusion in Russia’s Criminal Procedure: Can Common Law Offer a Solution? PDF (Eng)
Yury Rovnov 102-123
Saeed Bagheri


Investment Activities within the Legal Framework of the World Trade Organization PDF (Eng)
Gulnara Ruchkina, Evgeny Vengerovsky 124-149
Self-Defense in Karabakh Conflict? PDF (Eng)
Saeed Bagheri 150-164

Book Review Notes

The Illusive Nature of ‘Russian International Law PDF (Eng)
Gleb Bogush 165-169

Conferences Review Notes

Legal Policy, Perspectives of the Rule-of-Law and Market Economy in Russia: The Annual International Conference ‘Development of Russian Law-VIII’ PDF (Eng)
Marianna Muravyeva 170-182

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