Vol 2, No 4 (2014)


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Chief Editor’s Note

on the 150th Anniversary of the Great Judicial Reform of the Russian Empire PDF (Eng)
Dmitry Maleshin 4-6


Dostoevsky v. The Judicial Reforms of 1864: How and Why One of Nineteenth-Century Russia’s Greatest Writers Criticized the Nation’s Most Successful Reform PDF (Eng)
Brian Conlon 7-62
The ‘Golden Age of Legislation’ in Finland 1863–79: Judicial Reforms in a Societal Context PDF (Eng)
Jukka Kekkonen 63-77
The Impact of the Russian Civil Judicial Proceedings Act of 1864 on the Polish Civil Proceedings PDF (Eng)
Piotr Rylski, Karol Weitz 78-90
Judicial reform in the Kingdom of Poland in 1876 PDF (Eng)
Artur Korobowicz 91-103
Reception of the Russian Statute of Civil Procedure of 1864 in Lithuania during 1918–40 PDF (Eng)
Dalia Mikulėnienė, Valentinas Mikelėnas 104-113
Judicial Reform of 1864 on the Territory of the Ukrainian Provinces of the Russian Empire and Its Importance for the Development of Civil Proceedings in Ukraine PDF (Eng)
Iryna Izarova 114-127

Conferences papers

Belgium’s New specialized Judiciary PDF (Eng)
Stefaan Voet 128-145
Mixed Blessing of Judicial Specialisation: the Devil is in the Detail PDF (Eng)
Alan Uzelac 146-164
Judicial Specialization: In search of the ‘Right’ Judge for Each Case? PDF (Eng)
Elisabetta Silvestri 165-175
Grounds for the Specialization of Courts and Judges in Russia PDF (Eng)
Lydia Terekhova 176-186
Specialization of South African Judges and Courts: Multi-skilled, Multitasked, Multiaccess? PDF (Eng)
Danie van Loggerenberg 187-203

Book Review Notes

On Constitutional Reform in Imperial Russia PDF (Eng)
William Butler 204-206

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ISSN 2312-3605 (Online)