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Credit Reporting Under Russian Law

Credit Reporting Under Russian Law

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I set the goal of checking whether the Russian legislation governing activities of credit bureaus meet international standards. Due to the absence of relevant European Union standards, the General Principles for Credit Reporting issued by the World Bank in 2011 were taken as a basis for comparison. I have consistently reviewed how each of the five World Bank principles de facto is interpreted in Russian law and law-enforcement. Although I criticize some of the shortcomings of Russian legislation in credit reporting, in general, my analysis confirmed the hypothesis that, generally, legislation and law enforcement practice comply with the specified standards of the World Bank.

About the Author

Kirill Molodyko
Higher School of Economics
Russian Federation
Kirill Molodyko (Moscow, Russia) - Associate Professor, Department of private law at National Research University Higher School of Economics, Senior Research Fellow, HSE -Skolkovo Institute for Law and Development, Postal address: 11, Pokrovskiy Boulevard, Moscow, Russia 109028


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Molodyko K. Credit Reporting Under Russian Law. Russian Law Journal. 2020;8(1M).

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