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Russian Contract Law for Foreigners

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The book by Maria Efremova, Svetlana Yakovleva and Jane Henderson aims to serve as a short introduction to Russian contract law for a foreign lawyer. Assuming that the target readership are mainly English lawyers the book’s second aim, expressly stated by the authors (pp. i, 1), is to make lawyers from common law countries familiar with codified law, with Russian law being just an example. The book covers most of the general law of obligations as well as some questions of formation and invalidity of contracts that belong to the general part of the Civil Сode, with this preceded by a brief introduction into the Russian law dealing with its history, federal structure and state agencies of Russia, its court system, sources of law and legal profession.

About the Author

Andrey Shirvindt
Lomonosov Moscow State University
Russian Federation

Assistant Professor at the Chair for Civil Law, Law Faculty,

1 Leninskie Gory, bldg. 13-14, Moscow, 119991, GSP-1, Russia


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Shirvindt A. Russian Contract Law for Foreigners. Russian Law Journal. 2015;3(1):169-180.

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