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Towards a Common Framework of Collective Redress in Europe? An Update on the Latest Initiatives of the European Commission

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The essay describes the main contents of the Recommendation and the Communication issued in June 2013 by the European Commission on the topic of collective redress with the view to outlining a set of common and harmonized principles that should inspire Member States in their respective regulations on group actions for the judicial enforcement of rights granted under EU law.

About the Author

Elisabetta Silvestri
University of Pavia
Russian Federation
– Professor at University of Pavia School of Law (65 Strada Nuova, Pavia, I-27100, Italy)


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Silvestri E. Towards a Common Framework of Collective Redress in Europe? An Update on the Latest Initiatives of the European Commission. Russian Law Journal. 2013;1(1):46-56.

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