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Public Participation and the Rights of the Child: Reflection on International Law Standards in the Legal System of the Russian Federation

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This article deals with the much debated issue of children’s public participation from the perspective of legal practices in the Russian Federation. Having emerged at the level of national jurisdictions, the practice of engaging minors in decision-making processes on issues of public significance – or the practice of public participation of children – is stipulated by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, based on Article 12 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Public participation of minors implies that children have clearly defined opportunities to take part in decision-making processes concerning those political and public matters affecting their interests.
Albeit limited by the clause “regarding the issues concerning them,” the claims for such participation are dictated by emerging standards of international law. The author has examined the process of devising these standards in Russian public law. Moreover, an analysis of the evolution of academic views on public participation of children in Russian legal scholarship is also included in this article.
Relying extensively on the method of legal analysis and the comparative analysis of the conformity of national public law standards with respect to international law, the author proposes several legal amendments to the Federal law “On the Basic Guarantees of the Rights of the Child in the Russian Federation,” which would lead to anchoring more solidly the participatory right of minors in the legal system of the Russian Federation.

About the Author

Mariya Riekkinen
Tyumen State University
Russian Federation

Assistant Professor, Department of Constitutional and Municipal Law

38 Lenina Str., Tyumen, 625003, Russia


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Riekkinen M. Public Participation and the Rights of the Child: Reflection on International Law Standards in the Legal System of the Russian Federation. Russian Law Journal. 2016;4(4):7-26.

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