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What's Wrong? Publishing in International Peer-Reviewed Journals on Russian Law

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Then pursuing publications in international peer-reviewed journals, many legal scholars from Russia and the wider post-Soviet space face severe difficulties. This paper looks atthe reasons for these difficulties in two analytical steps. Firstly, it offers aquantitative analysis of the output of the two leading international law journals that accept submissions on doctrinal law to see how often in the two preceding years (2014 and 2015) postSoviet legal scholars with their main place of work at a university have made it into these journals. Secondly, it asks what the qualitative standards for publication in such journals are and why they are at odds specifically with the scholarly tradition in the wider post-Soviet space. The main finding of the paper is that there is a mismatch between the high goals posed by university administrators in elevating universities to some standard of excellence and the limitations presented in the field of legal scholarship. The conclusion is that a substantive re-thinking of the approach to legal scholarship is required. The introduction of ‘early legal writing’ at least at the level of master studies is one recommendation to adequately prepare a future generation of legal scholars.

About the Author

Thomas Kruessmann
Kazan Federal University; University of Tartu

Professor of Law;

coordinator of the Jean Monnet Network ‘Developing European Studies in the Caucasus’ with Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies, 36 Lossi, 51003, Tartu


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Kruessmann T. What's Wrong? Publishing in International Peer-Reviewed Journals on Russian Law. Russian Law Journal. 2016;4(3):51-73.

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