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Latest Amendments in the Foreign Investment Laws of Uzbekistan: Manifestation of Serious Ambitions for Change?

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Attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has been priority issue for the Government of Uzbekistan (GOU) since the proclamation of the country’s independence from the Soviet Union in the early 1990s . Today the operating legal regulations provide adequate state guarantees of protection, tax incentives and other privileges for foreign investors, and the GOU has been introducing legal adjustments to honour its commitments in securing a more favorable investment climate. However, foreign investors in practice are facing serious legal problems in doing business in the country. Frequent modification of laws and their artbitrary application, erroneous interpretation of legal terms, ambiguous rules and procedures, lack of protection of property rights and an independent dispute resolution mechanism are the legal concerns that usually keep foreign investors from entering the market.

In this paper I will analyze some of the measures and changes recently adopted by the GOU that aim to make the country’s investment climate more attractive and I will try to find answers for the following questions. How sincere can these efforts be considered by prospective investors? What novelties do those changes provide for the investors? Will such attempts emanate actual and immediate constructive results in the near future?

About the Author

Bobomurod Muminov
Central European University

SJD Candidate at Legal Studies Department, 

9 Nador str., Budapest, 1051


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Muminov B. Latest Amendments in the Foreign Investment Laws of Uzbekistan: Manifestation of Serious Ambitions for Change? Russian Law Journal. 2016;4(1):129-141.

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