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Investment Activities within the Legal Framework of the World Trade Organization

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This article contains an analysis of legal regulation of investment activities within the framework of the WTO. It considers factors that promote the establishment of a favorable investment climate, including the availability of special legislation, an efficient law enforcement practice and, as noted by many experts, availability and clarity of the judicial mechanism for the protection of violated rights. Recent foreign experience is analyzed and some issues of investment dispute settlement are considered. The article also deals with issues concerning the formation of competitive relations that, in their turn, also constitute an important factor of a state’s investment appeal.

Investment activities constitute a popular type of entrepreneurial activity. Every state, regardless of where it is located or its level of economic development, aims to increase its investment activities and raise foreign investment inflow. To do this they adopt national regulatory acts and sign bilateral agreements, multilateral agreements, and execute international legal acts in the area of investment activities. This results in the need for examination of legal regulation in this area. Russia joining the WTO has resulted in regular revisions of current legal regulation, in particular in the law on foreign investments.

About the Authors

Gulnara Ruchkina
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
Russian Federation

Dean of the Law Faculty,

49 Leningradsky av., Moscow, 125993

Evgeny Vengerovsky
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
Russian Federation

Ph.D. Student at Department for Entrepreneurial and Corporate Law,

49 Leningradsky av., Moscow, 125993


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Ruchkina G., Vengerovsky E. Investment Activities within the Legal Framework of the World Trade Organization. Russian Law Journal. 2015;3(4):124-149.

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