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Challenges of and Responses to Various Legal Mechanisms for the Harmonization of Civil Procedure in Eurasia

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Law is a cultural phenomenon of society. An analysis of the evolutionary process is key to understanding the positive principles and categories of legal thinking. Legal mechanisms created in unique circumstances become contradictory elements for the existing judicial practice of foreign legal systems. In accordance with modern reality and the tendencies of contemporary society, the problems of globalization determine the necessity of the analysis, which will be to consider whether it is possible to find the most effective adoption mechanisms for legal rules and practice through a process of harmonization. In the framework of current research, we have tried to answer the questions arising in relation to new tendencies in civil procedure through the prism of comparative research. The majority of adaptation mechanisms are formulated by unique legal experience in a distinct system. The influence of moral and cultural traditions, and the economic and political individuality of each society shape the outcome that allows new instruments to work in legal and procedural systems. This paper’s focus is methods of legal harmonization and adaptation of procedural law on the level of transnational communities. To provide a picture as complete as possible, we give a description of modern tendencies of social integration, the current strategy of legal transplant and a comparison of methods of harmonization in the territory of post-Soviet Union countries and in Europe.

About the Authors

Nadezhda Sukhova
Tyumen State University
Russian Federation

Associate Professor, Department of Civil Law and Procedure, Institute of State and Law

38 Lenina St., Tyumen, 625000

Iuliana Babikova
LLC “Top Legal Consulting”
Russian Federation

Senior Lawyer

6 Vodoprovodnaia St., Tyumen, 625000


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Sukhova N., Babikova I. Challenges of and Responses to Various Legal Mechanisms for the Harmonization of Civil Procedure in Eurasia. Russian Law Journal. 2020;8(3):141-161.

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