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Judicial notification is the primary means by which the litigant is informed about all the elements of the case against him and all the requests made against him during the case proceedings. This notification is achieved through the principles of confrontation between litigants and the right of defense. Due to the significance of this end and the failure of traditional (paper) judicial notification to attain this goal sometimes, and in view of the tremendous technological developments, the need has become obligatory and urgent to make electronic judicial notifications using modern electronic instruments, due to the advantages of such electronic tools, including confidentiality, speed and verification of the person of the reporter, since electronic notification is a notification to the person who is informed in a legally binding form with full legal effects once it is completed. This, in turn, helps get rid of the negative aspects of traditional judicial notification and guarantee prompt justice. This is why the research is divided into two sections, the first one entitled the definition of judicial notification and this topic is divided into two themes, the first one entitled the essence of judicial notification and its types and the second theme entitled the importance of notification Judicial, and the second topic entitled Judicial notification controls. Again, this topic is divided into two themes, the first is entitled Controls of Judicial Reporting and the second is: how to do judicial notification and its conclusiveness.

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Dr. Huda Abdelhamid Abdelkawy

Assistant Professor of Procedural Law , Private Law Department, Faculty of Law , Princess Nora Bint Abdul-Rahman University



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