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International security is one of the essential topics in strategic studies. It is unarguable that international security has undergone a vast change throughout history, up to the twenty-first century, when it was characterized by a global nature and comprehensiveness of data, and affected the entire international community. There is no party that does not want this data to reach it, in addition to the advantage of rapid transmission of global challenges within a limited period of time. Therefore, we find that the basic concepts and postulates in international and strategic studies have changed and developed due to the interrelated and interacting variables in a manner that is increasing in relative importance, in contrast to the relative declining of some others as a result of the interaction process. One of these concepts is innovation, which is now considered to be one of the key concepts in strategic studies due to its connection to dynamism and productivity. It entails developing new skills. Farrell and Tarff define it as "the development of new military techniques, tactics, strategies, and structure that help predict in a way that achieves peace."

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1Professor in the Department of Strategy / Faculty of Political Science / An-Nahrain University

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