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Paul Kalinichenko, Kutafin Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia)

Paul Kalinichenko holds a Doctor of Law (Kutafin Moscow State Law Universirty - MSLA, 2011) in International and European Law. He joined the EU law Chair of the MSLA in 2000. In2012 he was appointed Professor of the EU law Chair of the MSLA. He is a Visiting Professor of the European Study Institute at the MGIMO (Moscow, 2006) and a Coordinator of the Research Center for the European Law at the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (Kaliningrad, 2012). His research activities essentially focus on EU external relations law, EU environmental law and EU economic law. Specific attention is devoted to the legal aspects of the Russia–EU relations. Paul Kalinichenko is engaged as a legal advisor in European affairs of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia (2010) and a legal advisor in European law of the Eurasian Economic Commission (2012).

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Member in 2013-2016





Sergei Yu. Marochkin, Tyumen State University (Tyumen, Russia)

Professor (1999), doctorate of law (1998) in public international law and in legal theory. Director of the Institute of State and Law, Tyumen State University (Russia). Holds the presidential title ‘Honored Jurist of the Russian Federation’ (2007).

Member of the Executive Committee of the Russian Association of International Law, member of the European Society of International Law. Co-author of many editions of textbooks on ‘Public International Law’ published in Moscow, Russia and in the Netherlands.

He has been a visiting Professor and lecturer (2007-2012) at the University of Lorraine (France) and at the University of Tartu (Estonia) (2012). Coordinator of the Russian team reporters at the Oxford and Amsterdam Universities multinational Project ‘International Law in Domestic Courts (ILDC)’ since 2007. Courses are taught: Public International Law, Legal Theory. Main research interests: theory of International Law, Action and Realization of International Law in the Russian Legal System.

He is the Russian Academy of Sciences Prize Laureate (2013) for his monograph ‘Operation and Realization of International Law Norms in the Legal System of the Russian Federation’ (Moscow, 2011).

Member in 2013-2016

Vadim Plekhanov, Moscow State University

Ph.D. (Kutafin Moscow State Law Universirty), LL.M (Russian School of Private Law).

Associate Professor, Department of Civil Law, Faculty of Law, Lomonosov Moscow State University. Associate Professor, Department of Private International Law, State

Educational Institution «Russian School of Private Law».

Member of the Editorial Board of the journal «International Commercial Arbitration Review».

Area of research: private international law, cross-border civil litigation and international commercial arbitration, cross-border insolvency.

Member in 2013-2015

Dr Maxim Timofeev

Dr Maxim Timofeev is an associate professor at European Humanities University (Vilnius, Lithuania). He received his graduate (2000) and post-graduate (2005) degrees in Russia and then worked as an associate professor at the Russian Law Academy of the Ministry of Justice in St. Petersburg (2007–2011). Recently Maxim Timofeev has been involved in human rights trainings, in particular on issues of European non-discrimination law, for members of the bar in Russia and (as a CoE international expert) in Ukraine and Azerbaijan. His research interests concern comparative constitutional law and international human rights law.

Member in 2013-2014